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    Stephanie O’Brien

    I moved from England to the US in 1992 and initially worked as an Occupational Therapist for the Elderly before switching to pediatric O.T. I met my English husband out here in California (what were the chances of that) we married  and Christmas of 1999 our son was born. In 2001 we moved from the Bay Area to Roseville. Somewhere along the way I was persuaded to check out “that Bev Bos preschool” I did, and we were hooked.
    I knew we had found a place where Liam could thrive, his introverted personality honored.
    We signed up and he stayed for three years, followed by Maggie for two years. During that time I grew from a quite parent observer, to serving on the board and being being a VP for Bev and Sally. In 2007 as Maggie moved into kindergarten Bev and the RCP board offered me a chance to work at RCP.
    I am honored to be at RCP, to have had the opportunity of working alongside Bev Bos and to be part of an inspiring team of educators.

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