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  • Teachers and Staff


    Nicole Berger: Interim Director

    Contact Info: director@rosevillecp.org

    Nicole Berger first came to RCP as a parent in 2015 and has been an active participant in the community ever since.  She has been a Board Member for several years and has served the school as a Fundraising Co-Chair and volunteer administrative support. Prior to having her own kids, she was a preschool teacher and administrator.  She is eager to be stepping into the role of Interim Director and getting back into preschool administration.


    Giovanna Cohen: Teacher

    Contact Info: gio@rosevillecp.org

    Gio first learned about Bev Bos and Roseville Community Preschool as an early childhood education student in 2006. Several years later as a childcare provider, she attended a presentation by Bev, hosted at the preschool.  Gio fell in love with the program, the space, and the community and decided to enroll her child the following year in 2012.  Now after 8 years of being a participating parent, Gio is eager to be joining the staff at RCP.  Early childhood expert, Magda Gerber, may have been talking about infants when she said, “Be careful what you teach, it might interfere with what they are learning,” but Gio feels it applies to preschoolers (and even older children) just as well. She believes the RCP way of asking the children, “What’s next?” or “What’s the plan?” is the most perfect extension of that.

    Elizabeth DeLisi: Teacher

    Contact Info: elizabeth@rosevillecp.org 

    Elizabeth began at Roseville Community Preschool as a participating parent for 4 years with her daughter and was then hired as a teacher in 2011. Child directed play is of the highest importance to her as a teacher. She enjoys caring for an environment that allows children to take risk and feel free to express themselves without judgement.

    Friederike Wilhelmi: Teacher

    Contact Info: friederike@rosevillecp.org 

    Friederike earned her degree in Elementary School Education in Germany, but after having two children realized that her passion lies with the preschool age. She learned alongside her children everything there is to know about the benefits of play at Roseville Community Preschool. She is committed to supporting each child where they are developmentally and is passionate about the importance of play.

    In her free time, she enjoys baking, running and spending time with a good book.