Scrip Cards


You can raise money without devoting your time to selling products, asking for donations, or planning events. Earn money every day on the purchases you’re already making just by paying with a gift card you ordered from ShopWithScrip.

The following images below will walk you through the most common steps to set up your scrip account!

Visit the website

Click on “Join Your Existing Program”

Enter the enrollment code below and click REGISTER

After you click Register, you will be prompted to fill out your personal information.

This includes creating a log-in Username and Password.

Your Account has now been created, see the next tab to start shopping.

Once you are at the main screen, click on “SHOP” to see the stores you can purchase cards for.


Before you can shop, you will be asked if you are ordering for personal, or for an Organization.

Chose Your Personal



You can click the beginning letter for the store you wish to search for.

Then when you click (or hover your mouse) over the store you want.

You will see three options.


The options, from left to right are;

Physical Card – Shipped to the school

Scrip Now – Digital gift card

Re-Load – Re-load a gift card you already have.



After clicking your option, you will see a screen where you can enter the quantity you want.

When done, click “Add to Cart”

Note the “General information” it may have important info regarding your cards.



If you order a physical card, you will need to pick it up from Teacher Stephanie during the first week of the following month from when you ordered.

If you sign up for “PrestoPay” you can automatically re-load your existing cards, or purchase “Scrip Now” digital cards.

To sign up, click “Sign Up Now” under “PrestoPay”



PrestoPay requires your banking Acct and Routing number. Remember this is an OPTIONAL step, you can always purchase your cards from Teacher Stephanie.

This step is required if you wish to reload your cards, or purchase Scrip Now digital cards.

Below is the agreement screen before you sign up for “PrestoPay”

Clicking “Yes I agree” will take you to a screen to enter your bank information.


Please direct any Scrip Questions to or call the office.