Fundraising Info for Parents

Our Fundraising Chairs are Jason Hughes and Nicole Berger. If you have any questions, you can reach them via email at anytime.

Play it Forward Auction 2020 – This year’s event will take place March 21st, 2020 at the Blue Goose in Loomis. “The Auction Committee Positions At a Glance” is now available via PDF below. Remember that all families who did not opt out of auction participation with their enrollment are responsible for: An Auction volunteer job, a donation of $150 or more, AND a donation of one bottle of wine for the event.

Auction Forms for use by all parents/members of the community:

Play It Forward Auction Info (general information about the event. Share with potential donors or attendees!)

Alumni Donation Letter 2020 (for use if you are personally contacting Alumni for donations)

General Donation Letter 2020 (for use with soliciting general donations)

Donation Form 2020 (for general use organizing & submitting donations: turn this form in with your donated items.)