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Application & Enrollment Process

Step 1:

Prior to beginning the enrollment process, we normally ask that all prospective families call to schedule a visit to the preschool for a tour.  RCP’s program philosophy is rooted deeply in the play-based, child-centered, parent participation model of early childhood education championed by our founding Director, Bev Bos. We encourage you to spend time reading more on our About pages and invite you to view our Gallery of images, check our Instagram or Facebook page to get a feel for what our school stands for and what we aim to offer.  Please contact us at director@rosevillecp.org  or 916-786-9536 with any questions.  We look forward to hearing from you and hope to be able to offer tours of the preschool again soon!

Step 2:

  • Children must be at least 18 months of age in order to complete the Online Application.  Enrollment into a class cannot begin until the child reaches 2 years 9 months of age.
  • Complete the Online Application Form
  • Pay the non-refundable $45 application fee “(you will be invoiced for the $45 registration fee once your application is received. Your child will NOT officially be on the waitlist until the $45 fee is paid in full).
  • Once you complete the application form and pay the application fee this becomes your “application date” and secures your spot on the waitlist.
  • We encourage you to add each child to the Wait List as soon as they reach 18 months as priority is given based on their eligibility and application date.  There is no need to do anything else, your child remains on our waitlist until they are enrolled, they age out, or you ask for them to be removed.


Step 3:

We do not have a wait list for specific classes, just one list for the whole school. In May, we begin contacting new families to fill openings for classes in the Fall. We will contact you when your child is age eligible (2 years 9 months) and we have a spot to offer. If you are not contacted in May, do not be discouraged, we continue to contact families throughout the summer and school year as openings become available.

Step 4:

Once you have been offered an opening, you will be provided with an Enrollment Packet to finalize your child’s registration. The non-refundable, annual supply fee will be collected at that time in order to guarantee their placement.