Bev Bos

Bev Bos was our beloved and respected authority on children. She began her work with Roseville Community Preschool on the Placer County Fairgrounds in the 1960s. Bev Bos remains an internationally-renowned expert on Early Childhood Education and continues to be considered a model educator in the realm of preschool learning and teaching.

For over 40 years, Bev and her son-in-law, Michael Leeman, gave over 6,000 workshops and lectures to parents, early childhood educators, and child care providers all over the country and internationally. Bev is the author of four books which have been used as textbooks by colleges and universities in both the United States and Canada. Familiarity with the philosophies of Bev Bos is often listed as a requirement in job listings for preschool teachers. Bev also wrote and recorded ten children’s music albums alongside Michael Leeman and Tom Hunter. She recorded two videos for educators and parents and in 1991 was featured on ABC’s 20/20 (see below) as a proponent of play-based learning and child-centered preschool education. Through her company, Turn the Page Press, and in association with Roseville Community Preschool and its staff, Bev led 60 Good Stuff for Kids Conferences, inspiring parents and early childhood educators from around the world.

RCP is where the philosophies and expertise of Bev are applied in a parent cooperative preschool setting, to the benefit of over 3,200 children and their parents over the past 50 years. While her resume is impressive, many in the RCP community look to her role as Teacher Bev, a cherished teacher to our community’s preschoolers and a mentor for our community’s parents, as her greatest legacy.

Sadly, Bev died in 2016, yet her influence and passion continues on. Bev passed on her knowledge to our teachers, all of whom started at RCP as parents themselves. Over the years, they have become masterful students in the concepts involved in play-based, child-directed education. We are consistently overjoyed to see that so many former students return as adults with their own children. The tradition continues!

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