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    Michael Leeman: Director

    Contact Info: michael@rosevillecp.org 

    Michael shares a common history with his Roseville Community Preschool colleagues. “Our children came and went from RCP but we chose to stay.” For over 25 years he has served RCP in a wide variety of capacities, including teacher, and now as Director.

    Joining RCP’s founder, Bev Bos, Michael traveled to every state and province in the U.S. and Canada. Together they presented over 6,000 workshops on the value of play-based education. With their friend Tom Hunter they recorded music for families with young children. He has written and illustrated three books — Morningtown Ride (children’s book), a resource book of Chants, Fingerplays & Stories and Come Into My House (music book). Michael lives in Roseville, CA with Carrie Leeman. They have two daughters, Meghan and Jillian.

    Favorite Quote:

    “Creative play is like a spring that bubbles up from deep within a child.” – Joan Almon

    Dina Miller: Business Administrator

    Contact Info: dina@rosevillecp.org

    Dina arrived at the preschool with her oldest child in 1999. Since then, all three of her children have attended the preschool. This is Dina’s second tenure as the business admin. She loves the preschool and the philosophy and enjoys meeting prospective families. When Dina’s not at the school she’s usually spending time with her kids, knitting or buried in a book.

    Friederike Wilhelmi: Teacher

    Contact Info: friederike@rosevillecp.org 

    Friederike earned her degree in Elementary School Education in Germany, but after having two children realized that her passion lies with the preschool age. She learned alongside her children everything there is to know about the benefits of play at Roseville Community Preschool. After being hired as a teacher aide in 2014, her training continued, and she is excited to be working in the 3 day morning class with her children’s former teacher. She is committed to support each child where they are developmentally and is passionate about the importance of play.

    Her favorite spots at the school are anything outside and in the block area inside.

    In her free time, she enjoys baking, running and spending time with a good book.

    Kelly Anderson: Teacher

    Contact Info: kelly@rosevillecp.org 

    My name is Kelly Anderson. I am a proud mother of a son and a daughter.

    I have been teaching for 28 years.

    I began at RCP as a participating mom in 1990. My daughter moved on to kindergarten in 1993 and I was blessed enough to be hired as one of the teachers.

    I am so grateful to be part of the RCP community, committed to families as their children grow to their optimum through play.

    Elizabeth DeLisi: Teacher

    Contact Info: elizabeth@rosevillecp.org 

    Elizabeth DeLisi began at Roseville Community Preschool as a participating parent for 4 years with her daughter and was then hired as a teacher in 2011. Child directed play is of the highest importance to her as a teacher. She enjoys caring for an environment that allows children to take risk and feel free to express themselves without judgement.

    Stephanie O’Brien: Teacher

    Contact Info: stephanie@rosevillecp.org

    I moved from England to the US in 1992 and initially worked as an Occupational Therapist for the Elderly before switching to pediatric O.T. I met my english husband out here in California (what were the chances of that) we married  and Christmas of 1999 our son was born. In 2001 we moved from the Bay Area to Roseville. Somewhere along the way I was persuaded to check out “that Bev Bos preschool” I did, and we were hooked.

    I knew we had found a place where Liam could thrive, his introverted personality honoured.

    We signed up and he stayed for three years, followed by Maggie for two years. During that time I grew from a quite parent observer, to serving on the board and being being a VP for Bev and Sally. In 2007 as Maggie moved into kindergarten Bev and the RCP board offered me a chance to work at RCP.

    I am honored to be at RCP, to have had the opportunity of working alongside Bev Bos and to be part of an inspiring team of educators.

    Sally Hupp: Teacher

    Contact Info: sally@rosevillecp.org 

    Sally Hupp first came to Roseville Community Preschool as a parent in 1987. She fell in love with the way the school gives children authentic and natural play experiences and in 1989, she began working at RCP as a teacher. Sally taught alongside Bev for 30 years and spent many of those years teaching the 3-day and 2-day morning classes. She now finds her home in the 2-day morning class but loves spending time with the children and families across all of the classes whenever possible.

    Her own daughter and four of her grandchildren have now attended RCP and Sally has enjoyed having several of her former preschoolers come back as parents in recent years. She loves that this is a place for everyone to learn together – children, parents, grandparents and other caregivers.

    Sally is proud of the philosophy here at RCP and is a fierce advocate for childhood. She believes children need to be outside, experiencing the world with all of their senses. She loves to see the children with their shoes off, knee deep in water and sand.  She finds it fascinating to watch each child use the school in their own unique way. In that sense, every day is an adventure!


    Mary Linnane: Classroom Aide